The Menabòh Manifesto of Sustainable Fashion

The Menabòh Manifesto of Sustainable Fashion

What does it truly mean to embrace sustainable fashion? With this Manifesto, Menabòh wants to declare the pillars of its ethos, the basis for a greener tomorrow made of responsibility, self identity, women empowerment and sense of community.
The future has never been so stylish and green!


Striving for a sustainable lifestyle while also praising fashion may seem at first sight a complete paradox. As a matter of fact, the clothing industry is currently responsible for more than 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of industrial water pollution; furthermore, compared to just a few decades ago in the 1980s, the average shopper purchases five times more than before

Because of inflation and the innumerable socio-economic problems that jeopardize our era, fast fashion appeals to the middle-lower class clientele as the only accessible way to keep up with trends and have fun with style. 

Affordable prices and mediocre quality in terms of both materials and fit have become the norm for many fashion lovers, pushed by the “haul” mentality to continuously acquire, making their wardrobes overflow. 

Needless to say, this phenomenon of compulsive (and most of the time even unsatisfying) consumption generates a never-ending cycle that contaminates the ecosystem’s, leading to an irreparable damage to our common house. 

Even if some brands are trying to sugarcoat their unorthodox practices by inviting influencers to their factories in order to display their fictitiously perfect working environment or others are trying to use more sustainable materials the one and only big step that one can make is to boycott these big names. 

The only solution to this dramatic situation is responsibility from which derives a sustainable approach to fashion.

One can vary from buying a vintage piece, upcycle an old pair of pants that were too big and turn them into a skirt or choose wisely small independent brands that have an environmentally conscious approach to the industry. All these choices immediately benefit our planet and are present in the stylish offer signed by Menabòh. 

Our team strongly believes that we should all practice responsibility and take accountability of what has been done in the wrong way in the past by embracing a more sustainable lifestyle made of second hand, vintage, recycled and upcycled garments.

With Menabòh you can welcome a new way of consuming that aims to reduce waste in the fashion industry or as we like to say: make the change but make it stylish!


The Italian saying “The cowl doesn’t make the monk” invites everybody not to be deviated from the judgment by someone’s appearance.

At Menabòh we think the complete opposite: clothes are your calling card and they represent the way you communicate your personality, your mood and they vary according to circumstances, events and stylish sparks. In this sense, both in the physical shop as well as on the online site, Menabòh displays a great variety of curated vintage pieces that are eager to enrich your fashionably sustainable wardrobe.

Feeling a little romantic? Wear a vintage slip dress that will make you feel like a princess. In need to catch someone’s attention on the dancefloor? Don’t be afraid and just rock that 80s padded shoulder red dress. 

Circular fashion is undoubtedly a great way to experiment with clothes without harming underpaid workers, reducing carbon emissions due to the transportation and even cutting the amount of pollution generated by the textile factories.

By saying yes to circular fashion, you implicitly assimilate other people’s stories while also creating your own fashion narrative: a stylish novel made of environmentally conscious choices and sustainability.  


Cinderella taught us that a shoe can change your life but what about a dress or an accessory? At Menabòh we think that a dress can change the way you want to be perceived in that scary meeting with your boss or that can help you to have your date’s eyes gaped just on you, making you feel like the prettiest woman at the club.

A dress can empower you, unfolding one of your multifaceted feminine personalities, transforming you into someone you would have never thought to be. 

By purchasing a one of a kind piece from a small artisan shop you are also empowering that woman who, thousands of kilometers away from you, has to sew 12 hours a day just to bring her kids the bare minimum to eat: if a garment is coming from responsible sources, this alternative can have effects on another woman’s life by giving her a decent salary, a respectable amount of working hours accompanied by the right of having a maternity leave. Feeling yourself passes through frills and paillettes but also through making responsible choices. 

Say no to fast fashion and choose a selected garment from Menabòh instead: you will empower a Florentine business whose team is all made by women. 

We normally say that women should support women: let’s start doing this actively!


Being part of something bigger can make one’s actions have a precise direction and if the support of an around community is felt, they can become even stronger.
After any purchase from Menabòh you will have the full acknowledgement of being part of a very green coterie besides having done something good for our planet: sustainability is the ultimate goal.  

A shop is just a shop until you live it: whether it is in the physical one or even on the social media platforms linked to Menabòh, all these more or less virtual places are infused by a strong sense of belonging, showcasing in what they display communal ideals that aim to project our reality into a better future. 

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