It's the Time for the Fashion Industry to Change for Good

Gaia, Menabòh's Founder had moved back home to a small town outside of Florence from city life in Milano where she was working for L'Oréal. Curiosity led her to her mothers closet, where she found more than beautiful clothing.

It's here where she had the thought that someone else's closet can be a suprise, a joy even to shop from. That these old, or forgotten clothes still had life in them, and storys that were still unwritten.

She wrote up her plan, and sent it in to the Polimoda Talent Award, a few weeks later she recieved the news that she won, and so Menabòh was born.

During the Polimoda Talent Program, Menabòh went through many metamorphisis, refining the idea until it could create impactful change to an outdated fashion system.

It was also during this time that Gaia met Gabrielle, who was the other Polimoda Talent recipient that year. A synergy between the two girls was born when Gabrielle joined Menabòh as Co-Founder/CMO.

A little over a year after the conception of Menabòh life came full circle, when Teodora Sevastakieva reached out to Gaia on Linkedin. The two knew eachother from Gaia's internship days at Salvatore Ferragamo Parfum and Sevastakieva was the General Manager. On Gaia's final day of internship she had told her, Take this experience as a chance to learn as much as you can and then go sart something for yourself.

Gaia had done just that, and after the meeting it was clear their paths we're going to stay intertwined for the future when Teodora joined Menabòh's thrid Co-Founder and Exectutive Advisor.

A few months later Menabòh was accepted to enter the Bocconi Pre-Accelation program, and then the Nana Bianca Accelorator Program, where we are currently writing the future store of Menabòh. Will you join us to see where it goes?