• Show Don't Tell

    Show us what makes you, well you.

    Love to be first row at a concert with leather pants and an upcycled band tee? or prefer a polished cottage core dress to meet your friends for coffee in?

    You'll do this by selecting the pictures that fit your lifestyle and your style vibes, be it how you already live or what you're aspiring towards.

  • Main Character Energy

    Based on the vibes (aka the photo's you've selected) our super smart algarthim will give you a selection of garments to select your boxes main character from.

    The main character is the garment that we will build your look around, so you recieve a total look of 4 pieces.

  • Loading Effortless Cool Girl Style

    You'll get your total look delivered to you in 4-6 days.

    Inside your BòhBox you'll find your main character & 3 mystery items all curated to be true to your style.

    If you love what you've got, you can keep it all. If something doesn't fit or just isn't it, you have a week to send it back.

Reasons to ❤ The BòhBox

  • Save Up To 30% Per Garment in the Bòh Box!

    By getting your mystery box of responsible fashion, you'll get the exclusive Bòh Box Pricing.

    You'll save up to 30% per piece compared to shopping a la carte in the Menabòh Market.

  • A Total Look Styled for You

    Ever buy a garment and not know what to wear it with? We know the pain.

    That's why we're sending you a total look, so you don't even have to think twice about how to style it.

  • Keep What You Love, Return What You Don't

    We only want you to have clothes you'll love for the long-term.

    If something doesn't fit or you're not digging the look, don't worry. We hav 30 days to return what you don't like and keep what you do.

  • Only Made with Responsible Fashion

    Our mission is to reduce fashion waste without compromising style. That's why we only work with vintage, upcycled garments, and independent designers.

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Effortlessly Get the It-Girl Waredrobe

There's no question that the coolest waredrobes have the perfect mix of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and undiscovered independent designer garments— but who has the time to dig through the racks at a vintage store or sort through the endless new designers to find the diamond in the rough?

The BòhBox has Enterted the Chat

The BòhBox is a surprising experience that will level up your style in 5 minutes or less, Guaranteed.

You'll make a moodboard and select one garment, we will send you 3 mystery garments from our collection of vintage, upcycled and independent designer garments that are curated to your personal style.

Get the Ultimate It-Girl Wardrobe Without Wasting Your Time Searching For It

Take our 4-minute style quiz to get your curated mystery box of rare vintage pieces, unique upcycled garments and undiscovered independent designers.