• Wråd

    Wråd makes the world better through sustainable innovation.

    Their keystone product, the Graphi-tee, is a Made in Italy t-shirt that recovers tradition by aiming at the circular economy” 

    Wråd today evolved into a Focus Design company pursuing its mission through Education, Innovation and Design & Consultancy.

    Wråd design is motivated by the current environmental crisis and inspired by contemporary social needs.

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  • Woo

    WOO is not just a brand, but also a lifestyle.

    WOO is a collection of clothing and accessories with roots in the fishing industry and an urban lifestyle.

    Woo was born from the love for details and attention to the environment.

    The mood is super urban and takes up the world of fishing with its raincoats, hats and many other items.

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  • White

    White* is an Italian-based fashion house . Through founder and Creative Director Gianmario Stuppello interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture, an alternative ready- to-wear collection has been found .

    The collections are defined by Gianmario Stuppello ‘ signature juxtaposing design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and original Prints , and Ylenia Solito ’ style guide .

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  • Whispr

    Whispr is a project created by women for women.

    It was born with the desire to achieve a common benefit, break down inequalities and achieve female empowerment.

    Knitwear and accessories are designed to give consumers a clear and strong message.

    Each garment or accessory is embroidered with one of the sentence of emancipation: Bold, Brave, Listen, Fifty Fifty! Please. Mind the Gap.

    It is important to spread a gentle and strong word of mouth that can bring awareness but also courage to every woman.

    Whispr is also an active and concrete community!

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  • 0/100

    0/100 means less pollution and emissions in order to create a sustainable and transparent brand also in production. It is detached from seasonal trends and from the age or gender of the individual, leaning towards a concept of fashion and brand that embraces whoever chooses it.

    0/100 is close to the person in every change of body and style, always making everyone feel comfortable in is way of dressing and conceiving fashion. Quality instead of quantity is one of the fundamental values of this company that is all Made in Italy as well as sustainable.

    Not exclusions but inclusion, this is the motto of this brand zero waste. 

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  • Petra Botin

    In 2019, Julia Martin and Belen Botin founded Petra, an emerging non-seasonal Spanish brand based in London. The two founders have merged their identities, creating a brand that acts as a platform for many emerging artists.

    They can offer customers and partnerships many and stimulating resources to give vent to their artistic vein.

    The main essence of Petra is mainly streetwear but also sustainable.

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  • Shaft Jeans

    Shaft Jeans was designed in 1964 by Montpellier craftsmen, arriving in Italy in 1968, a period of social and cultural transformations, where jeans were a form of rebellion and nonconformity.

    The owner, Francesca Bacci took over the brand in 2004, thanks to her thirty years experience in the field.

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  • Bennu

    The main mission of BENNU is to recover the past to protect the future by taking vintage tailoring and unsold garments reducing pollution caused by the production of new garments.

    Every single item of the brand is a unique and numbered piece where the visible seams represent the beginning of a new life.

    BENNU takes a slow approach with collections that have a limited number of garments. This ensures respect for the environment and for the workers involved.

    In addition, the brand is totally free from the concept of gender as well as the concept of size.

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  • Sbrilluccica

    Gaia’s deep passion for travel and fashion gives life to Sbrilluccica.

    A brand that has its roots in the craftsmanship in which the founder strongly believes as an expression of the true culture of people.

    Her creations come from the matching of her ideas and the collaboration of Indian artisans.

    Sbrilluccica is a manifesto of love and universal tolerance, each collection is designed for girls who love change and play continuously with their looks. 

    Positive vibes is the motto of this brand!

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  • Pyla

    Silvia is the mind behind Pyla, enthusiastic traveller, tireless creator, she lives and observes fashion between Rome and Paris. The incredible sand dune which lays near Bordeaux inspired her: it’s a space of invention, you can gently slip on it, with a free spirit, changing its shape. Shape that is the beating heart of this project. A jewel which arises from the design, which owes nothing to structural preciousness, to the fixed value of a stone, and which has no claim but to give a new enthusiasm to the person, already precious and already complete, who choses it.

  • Par.co Denim

    Par.co was born from the acronym of Parimbelli Cousins with the idea of creating a brand that produces high-quality jeans in Italy in a sustainable way. 

    Respect for the environment and the dignity of workers are two of the main values of the founders that translate this into the choice of sustainable raw materials.

    They aim to make the consumer more aware of the product they buy from a local production with materials that do not impact the environment.

    As its founder said, Matteo,  "As a Finnish-Italian, I believed we could learn from the ethos and values ​​of certain northern European countries. To me, sustainability is a phenomenon that goes beyond the clothing industry. At Par.co we try to show that there is an alternative model includingboth environmental sustainability and ethical relationships with suppliers, clients and partners”.

  • Occhi-ali

    Occhi-ali was born from a passionate 10 years of experience in the field of optics. Jacopo, a young Florentine craftsman, began working as an trainee in one of the most important and large laboratories of Tuscany. His passion and ambition led him to move to another job and he worked for one of the world’s largest lens manufacturers.

    With time he decided that he still wanted to change, so after 10 years of experience he opened his workshop in the heart of Florence. 

  • Moshions

    Moses Turahirwa is the founder of Moshions, a brand that manages to connect the past with the future.

    The greatest heritage of the brand is precisely Africa that gives a great eclectic heritage. The mission is to be able to bring fashion into a new era much more reflective and conscious. Moshions collaborates with local artisans who produce 100% Made in Africa pieces. The creativity of the brand is constantly evolving and plays with the colors of the native land.

  • Maman et Sophie

    “I create for the love of life and beautiful things, conscious that harmony and beauty generate positive vibrations that expand like the circles of a drop in water". 

    Elisabetta Carletti

    A brand with a French name but with Italian roots which communicates femininity, and elegance but also a vital and innovative creative force.

    A 100% "made in Italy" or better say "made in Florence" products that finds its niche in the medium-high price range.

  • Irevedì

    Irevedì was born from the experience and passion of Ji for fashion and her husband Daniele. The name comes from the anagram of “everyday” and was born as a brand of bags of high craftsmanship.

    For Ji, the search for luxury details does not mean the exclusion from her brand of values such as eco-sustainability or raising consumer awareness of more responsible purchases.

    Irevedì develops also thanks to the background of its founder as a designer at leading fashion houses around the world. 

    Tradition and challenges make Irevedì a versatile brand, daily but also valuable.

  • Essère

    Essère Atelier #handmadewithlove

    in the heart of Florence. 

    Essère Atelier is a fashion atelier that was founded in 1997 in the heart of Florence. Handmade dresses, personalized, with natural fabrics and unique patterns! Ilaria Tolossi, owner and designer, creates her garments by carefully selecting fabrics.

    Only natural fibers such as wool, silk, linen that give more comfort, softness and better resistance.

    The fabrics, from the most eclectic to the most elegant, are the result of a deep research by Ilaria.

    They come from travel, markets, old textile shops.

    Each fabric is highlighted, creating unique clothes, both for the cut and for the quality of the materials.

    In Essère is expressed all the passion and experience of Ilaria.

    We create handmade dresses in Florence, personalized, with natural fabrics and unique patterns!

  • Bianca Baykam

    Marina, founder of Bianca Baykam, chose her daughter's name for the collection: "for me it embodies the perfect combination of Italian savoir faire and the charm of Ottoman culture. Bianca is the symbol of this cultural mix and, in addition to my love, tells the essence of this line: young, exuberant, colorful, cosmopolitan. "

    Bianca Baykam selection includes a balanced mix of gemstones chosen in a sustainable way with the intention of proposing a range of chromatic choices that is as wide and complete as possible.

  • Antonia erre

    Antonia erre was born in 2022 thanks to the union of four Millennials who wanted to give life to a historic family-owned knitwear factory. In the small town of Benevento, the brand has already started its production with the intention of being able to dress the woman of today with a view of sustainability. Transparency, quality and inclusiveness are certainly three of Antonia erre’s most important values.

  • Annagiulia Firenze

    Annagiulia Firenze is a family business composed of a team of women, sisters, with a family background of sartorial and artisanal activity since 1947.

    In 2016 they created Annagiulia Firenze with a timeless femininity, a silhouette inspired by the world of lingerie and the use of fine Italian fabrics. 

    All made entirely by hand near Florence and at the Atelier in Via Giulia 108 in the heart of Rome.

    The brand meets daily Italian and foreign customers creating the true Made to Order and collaborates with stylists and designers for cinema and theater.

  • Alto Milano

    Alto Milano comes from an excellence of Italian footwear, the company Facenti that since 1923 has made style and fine yarns its own distinctive note. Alto Milano has been able to propose on the market the role of stocking with unique, fresh and fun patterns. Making it a personal accessory for every person who wears it. Alto Milano socks have become the protagonists of male and female wardrobes.

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