Let's get this straight. We're not sustainable. We're Responsible.

Everything in Fashion has an impact

While shopping fast-fashion is simply unsustainable — vintage and upcycled fashion, or getting your clothes from independent deisgners who produce small collections still creates an impact.

Don't get us wrong it's a lot more responsible than the likes of mass produced garmets, but it still has impact and that's why we say responsible rather than sustainable.

How We're Making Our Mission Happen:

  • Standing Up to Mass Production

    We champion independent designers who are doing things responsibly from the get-go. These designers are fighting against the ultra low priced, mass produced fast-fashion system.

    To put this in perspective, Zara produces around 450 million garments a year. That’s roughly 500 new styles released each week. For a small independent brand putting out 500 new styles in an entire year would be a stretch, let alone a week.

  • Elongating the Life of Garments

    Only 1% of the 100 billion garments created each year are recycled. We want to change that.

    By shopping second-hand or upcycled garments, we can keep garments in circulation longer and keep them out of landfills.

    In The Book, Fashionopolis The Price of Fast Fashion and The Future of Clothes, it was pointed out:

    If we lengthen the life of just 1 out of every 5 garments we could cut 3 million tons of CO2, save 150 million liters of water and divert 6.4 million tons of clothing from landfills.

  • Melding Fun with Responsibility

    We're optimistic, but we're realistic. If we want to make responsible fashion the norm, it has to be fun, it has to be stylish, it has to be desirable. Otherwise people are going to default to their fast-fashion habits. We're shifting perspectives on how to approach fashion in a new *responsible* way while still having fun.